Saturday, 18 September 2010

...and Small Successes

Following the buzz of achievement on completing the scarf,  I remembered another pattern I had tried and then set aside. I had bought a Bergere de France book on the strength of the appeal of a jumper used in advertising the book in magazines. When I bought it, the assistant mentioned that sometimes the translation from French wasn't always accurate and to bear this in mind.  With later hindsight I think this suggestion just gave me an excuse to give up sooner than I might have done. At the time I had  confidently and optimisticly cast on the back and begun only to find that nothing remotely resembling the illustration was emerging from the needles. I abandoned the jumper and made first one jacket then another from that booklet.
Now seemed like a good time to try again, this time with only enough stitches to work across two pattern repeats. Ignoring the chart diagram, I worked from the written instructions alone, simply doing exactly as written. And it all worked out as it should. Amazing! Yes it was different to what I thought it would be but I could see that it was indeed just like the illustration.

So what colour will I choose for my new jumper?

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